Monday, 19 January 2015

This blog is now inactive

No more new posts will be made here because I have not blogging for almost a year. I have moved to a new blog which is Hazimworks 2.0.

See you there.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Requested a special Christmas card from Transdiffusion... and some reminisces of getting interested in foreign TV

A few days ago I've requested a Christmas card from Transdiffusion on Twitter. Transdiffusion (a broadcasting history preservation foundation) from the UK promotes sending Christmas cards with design from various TV stations in the UK and a few countries. A random design will be sent to those who send their name and address to Transdiffusion. The foundation has 100 Christmas card prints. The first time I knew they did this was last year. (They also had opened a Flickr page a year later but they had opened a Flickr group some years ago). I had the opportunity sending out my name and address via direct message to Transdiffusion. I hope that Transdiffusion can send me a beautiful Christmas card design. This would be the first time I will get a foreign TV memorabilia in a physical way, not digital or virtual (but I once had a presenter photo card from a foreign radio station that I found simply in my country).

I think I had followed Transdiffusion on Twitter after I followed TV Live around late 2012 or 2013. It was also the same time I started reading and getting familiar with TV Forum website from the UK and the Hosomania blog from Japan. But I started surfing the Transdiffusion website way back when I was in my late childlood years in August 2005, which was also the same time I started interested with foreign TV. 

UK was the first country I got interested with in foreign TV, followed by Australia in December 2005 (via a link given by TV Ark). I had started using Streamyx broadband at my home at that time. I was busy surfing the BBC website. I remember they promote a one-minute video making competition and from there I clicked on the BBC Cult section website. The BBC Cult section is a section of the BBC website which showcases some of the novelty things that British people loved in the past. The BBC Cult section has some features on broadcasting such as BBC 2 and the thing that came out before TV transmission starts which is the "test card". The test card featured was Test Card F. In the feature there were links given by the BBC Cult section so I clicked on some of them. I got familiar with such website that I couldn't find anywhere else. And they also helped me to understand what broadcasting is, not just test cards but TV presentation (the ones that appear in-between programmes and how the TV stations identify themselves, with the familiar jargons used only in the interest area such as idents, continuity, break bumper, mock and also some British words never used in my country which also expand my English vocabulary), radio, broadcast archiving, broadcast engineering, computer graphics and DXing. In recent years I learn more about digital TV and DXing in detail and got exposed with how TV broadcasting looks like in Japan and some foreign countries. I also keep two Twitter lists where I follow almost all of the Twitter users who are in the two lists that I made; one for British TV (for the Twitter users who concentrate on British TV) and one for Australian TV (for the Twitter users who concentrate on Australian TV).

The UK-based TV presentation websites I familiar with are MHP (the website that helped me learn what testcards are used in the UK and the world), Andrew Wiseman's Television Room, TV Ark (website concentrating on TV broadcasting videos), defunct ones such as The Mock Factory, TV Fetish, Afternoon Programmes Follows Shortly (concentrating on recreating or making imaginary TV stations) and a whole lot more. My younger brother got interested with my hobby in February 2006. And until now my passion has been broadcasting, along with experience that I have after seeing how TV looks like in foreign countries using the power of internet.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Additions to the blog

The only recent addition to the blog are the introduction of the blog's pages which are "Links", "Me elsewhere on the web", "About this blog" and "About me". Idea and preparation for these were made in early March 2014 but I started publishing these pages with some edit starting today.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

I'm blogging again

I'm blogging again but before that I want to follow up what I had written in the post I made on August 8.

In March, the month where I started to be inactive from blogging, I became slightly interested in the MH370 crash ever since the news of MH370 missing came out right until I found out that the MH370 was lost in the Indian Ocean killing all the passengers. It was after that time where I was becoming hatred of the sad moment and felt that I shouldn't care at all about that although sometimes I feel a bit stressed. The sad moment of MH370 lasted for two to three weeks but for me it sounded like it lasted until a month. The sad moment period was the longest I ever experience in my life. It was also during that time in late March when I was sent to ARISMA to learn how to do house chores. I also went to an Animax convention at Mid Valley with my friend Jeffrey Zin during that time. I was waiting for Perman to air again in Malaysia until Disney Channel Asia aired a promo for Perman the next day after I went to the Animax convention.

Since my Bahasa Melayu grade in my SPM certificate is D, my parents recommended me to take Bahasa Melayu again in the SPM Ulangan. I had been revising the subject with my tution teacher for two and a half months and then completed the exam at a school near Taman Melati at Kuala Lumpur on June 12 and then went for an outing to KLCC using Putra LRT in the evening. The next day I made a birthday card for my Twitter friend Anju-san.

On the morning of June 16 I had a fractured left hand and was sent for X-ray check at Klink Kita branch at Wangsa Maju and at Hospital Tawakal. I had to recover from my fractured left hand for two weeks. Meanwhile I spent most of my time at home surfing the internet and using Twitter but not blogging. I had problem writing on my paper but I was able to do things with just my right hand even though I can't use my left hand as it is fractured.

The fasting month started just a few days before the month of July. And it was also during that time that haze occurred for most of the month. The MH17 crash happened in the middle of the month but I didn't care. The crash is not the same as the MH370 that occurred in March. It was also the time when my father's side of my grandfather passed away four days before Aidilfitri.

I will start furthering my education to Kolej Multimedia near Pusat Latihan Polis during the October intake. I've been on a break for almost a year. I don't know whether I can call this as my "gap year".

That's all I want to write for now. I'll write more later.

Friday, 8 August 2014

It's been some months

It's been some months after I didn't make any posts on my blog. Just to blog what I did while I was not blogging for a long period of time. I was busy tweeting on Twitter. My father's side of my grandmother passed away four days before Aidilfitri. MH17 has happened last month and has caused loss but I don't care about the event. And there were simply too many things that I cover on my Twitter account but not covered at all on my blog.

I'll try to start blogging tomorrow.

Blog correction made on 9.8.2014

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Some changes to RTM news programmes

There has been some changes to RTM news programmes while I was not blogging since early March 2014.

TV1's Berita Nasional at 1:00 pm Saturday to Thursday is now known as Nasional 1 since 10.3.2014. It is now a full-hour newscast by merging the existing Berita Nasional at 1:00 pm, Info Sukan and other news programmes airing at the 1:00 pm hour. Nasional 1's logo is based on TV1's logo. And Nasional 1's graphics remind me of TV3's news graphics'. Berita Nasional at other times of the day remains unchanged.

TV2's News on 2 has a new look which debuted on 16.4.2014. The theme tune used since the change to existing look in April 2012 remains unchanged like how Berita TV9 did. Some weeks before the new look News on 2 changed some graphics to blue colour.

I also found out that Bicara Negara airs on the first to third Sunday night at 11:00 pm while Global@1 airs every last Sunday of the month also at the same time as Bicara Negara.

(Updated 13.5.2014)

Perman airs on Disney Channel Asia

It's been a while since I didn't do blogging, but I'm not late to say that Perman is going to air again in Malaysia. This time it's going to air on Disney Channel Asia on Astro ch 615 starting 5.5.2014 at 4:00 pm. I first know about this on 31.3.2014 in a promo airing on the channel. This will be the third time Perman will air in Malaysia; the last time it was aired was on TV9 until early January 2013.

Disney Channel Asia has already aired this anime first in other parts of Asia where Disney Channel Asia is available, especially the Philippines through its country feed where it started airing earlier in late March along with Ninja Hattori according to some videos captured by Christopher James Amposta. This is not the first time Disney Channel Asia airs a Fujiko anime; Disney Channel Asia had aired Chimpui between November 2012 and June 2013 (the channel had abruptly stopped airing the anime halfway through and probably haven't completed airing the remaining episodes).

The Disney Channel Asia's airing will have English dubbing using American English accent just like in Monster Kid which is airing on Disney XD Malaysia besides dubbing in Malay and Chinese. In other parts of Asia where Disney Channel Asia is available there might be a dubbing in their native languages.