Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mojacko on Cartoon Network Asia

Today I've watched Mojacko. The anime based on the Mojacko manga by Fujiko F. Fujio, the same man who had made Doraemon, Perman and many others (you can find more about these in my posts in my blog). Mojacko has been aired on TV1 in 2002 in Malay dubbing and has recently aired again on Cartoon Network Asia on Astro Ch 616. I found this programme on Astro's EPG last week (according to Parenthots from The Star, Mojacko started airing on the channel on February 24).

On Cartoon Network Asia, it is dubbed in English (main broadcast language), Malay and Chinese. It airs every Saturday at 9:00 am (there are no repeat broadcasts unlike other programmes such as Gumball and Adventure Time). As at the time this post was written, this is the second Fujiko anime to be aired on a pay-TV channel and dubbed in English after Chimpui which is airing on Disney Channel Asia right now. This is so far the seventh Fujiko anime to be aired in Malaysia.

The opening and ending titles of Mojacko has been slightly shortened. It is aired as two episodes back-to-back (as I guessed that the original Mojacko broadcast is aired with just one episode under 30 minutes' duration like how Kiteretsu did), and the eyecatcher (Japanese term for break bumper) is removed although it can be seen in a split-second. The preview for next episode is also included at the end of each broadcast.

The characters in Mojacko are Mojacko, a robot who assists Mojacko, Sorao and Miki. The anime also has some relations with 21-emon, also by Fujiko F. Fujio (as far as I know 21-emon has yet to be broadcast in Malaysia). Gonsuke, a character from 21-emon interacts with Mojacko from a monitor in Mojacko's spaceship, while Mojacko's features is a bit similar to that of 21-emon's friend.

(Updated April 21)

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