Saturday, 10 November 2012

A review about Chimpui

I've just watched one-hour premiere of Chimpui, the anime from the man behind Doraemon on Disney Channel Asia (Astro Ch 615). The one-hour premiere which aired at 2:00 pm today is the first showing of the first two episodes that will be airing at a regular airtime starting Nov 14 at 1:30 pm. This is the first time a Fujiko anime is airing on a pay-TV in Malaysia. The anime which is broadcast on this channel is dubbed in English, Malay and Chinese (in my country), especially for the opening and ending songs which were all dubbed. I watched the whole thing in English.

I first knew about Chimpui on the internet when I saw some excerpts of the Chimpui manga posted by a Japanese blogger named Sukoshi Fushigi. Chimpui originally appeared as a manga series in 1985. It later became an anime series in 1989. So I probably have some knowledge about that before the anime was broadcast in my country.

The story of Chimpui begins when a group of creatures Chimpui annd Wanderyu the dog from planet Mahl selected a girl named Eri-chan to become the bride of a prince. The ending of the story was Chimpui finished up Eri-chan's housechores by saying "Chimpui", his catchprase or a spell, I think

The second story introduces to a new character called Uchiki, Eri-chan's friend. Eri-chan didn't like Uchiki being busy playing with baseball that his friends forced (Uchiki's friends' faces look more like Gian and Suneo). Then Chimpui casts a spell by having rain on Uchiki's friends to interrupt the game. Later, Uchiki met with Eri-chan again. Uchiki was fascinated watching Chimpui because he has never seen an alien like this before. Back at home, Eri-chan was worried about her reactions about Chimpui to her mother. Uchiki knows that Eri-chan's mother has weakness too which is does not like to have pets at home. He gave her a good idea by pretending Chimpui as a stuffed toy to Eri-chan's mother. In the last scene, Eri-chan prepared some ramen to Chimpui which would later became Chimpui's favourite food. Thinking of Doraemon likes dorayaki and Korosuke likes korokke. (When I first wrote this blogpost I thought that Chimpui's favourite food was introduced in the first story, I later corrected because it was wrong).

In episode two, the first story is about Wanderyu paying a visit to Eri-chan to watch a promotional disc about the life at planet Mahl. Planet Mahl is shaped like a soccer ball but it is pink in colour.

The second story is about Eri-chan's friends are getting busy completing their assigment on finding their family history. I also saw Suneo-lookalike girl. The ending of the story is a bit complicated.

(Revised on November 11 and 16)

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