Sunday, 18 August 2013

Animated movies now have Malay dub version for cinemas

Recently I saw commercials for two animated movies on TV which are The Smurfs 2 and Disney's Planes. For the first time after many years, the Malay dub version for both movies are available on cinemas when they are released. The former's has voices by famous local actors. The latter one says that a 3D version is available in original English version.

In recent years, the Malay dubbed versions of animated movies and sometimes movies too are heard on Astro channels such as Cartoon Network Asia, Disney Channel Asia, HBO Asia and Fox Movies Premium. In 1999 there was a movie called Disney Tarzan which has been dubbed in Malay with local actors and released in cinemas, which is so far the only time I heard a movie dubbed in Malay until when I write this post.

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