Thursday, 30 August 2012

"Saranghae" - Korean movie slot on TV9

While TV Alhijrah has a special timeslot for foreign movies every Sunday at 9:00 pm (I'll check the TV guide to see whether the timeslot has changed), TV9 has a new movie slot which is called "Saranghae", a movie timeslot dedicated for Korean movies. The movie timeslot targets K-POP or Korean movie lovers. The movies are aired in Korean with Malay subtitles. This is the first time TV9 has aired Korean content programmes, although they had aired foreign content such as from Japan (anime dubbed in Malay) and American (subtitled in Malay).

The first movie aired in the timeslot is "Lost and Found" on August 26. The next movie scheduled to be broadcast is "My Boyfriend is Type B" on September 2.

Korean content programmes are already common in Malaysia since the start of the Korean drama wave with Winter Sonata on TV3 in August 2002. Korean content has been aired on some free-to-air channels such as NTV7 (re-ran old Korean dramas in Korean, subtitled in Malay), 8TV (Korean dramas are dubbed in Mandarin with Malay subtitles, also airs a variety show called "Let's Go! Dream Team" with Chinese and Malay subtitles), TV2 and pay TV channels such as Astro Citra, Animax (at one time in 2010), KBS World, SET One and TVN Asia.

PS: I've almost forgot that I've seen similarities between TV9's "Saranghae" and 8TV and One FM's "Sarang K-POP"! The Sarang K-POP branding started a bit earlier before Saranghae! 

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